Teacher handcuffed during school board meeting wants apology | News News

Teacher handcuffed during school board meeting wants apology | News News
A Louisiana teacher who was handcuffed and arrested during a school board meeting said she was still shaken two days later — and is still waiting for an apology."I was seriously panicked. I've never been handcuffed in my life," middle school teacher Deyshia Hargrave said in an interview with NBC News. Hargrave was handcuffed, arrested and booked into jail after bringing up the issue of teacher salary and a raise that was included in a new contract for the district superintendent during a Vermilion Parish School Board meeting on Monday. The incident was caught on a dramatic 12-minute video uploaded to YouTube. In the video, Hargrave is called on and brings up the issue of a raise included in Superintendent Jerome Puyau's new contract. The school board meeting was held to vote on whether or not to approve a new contract for Puyau. The final version of the contract that was approved included a $30,000 raise for Puyau, Board President Anthony Fontana said. Hargrave is an English language arts teacher at Rene A. Rost Middle School in Kaplan, Louisiana, according to the school's website. In the video, after Hargave is called on to speak a second time, a member of the school board interrupts her, saying that her question was not related to the evening's agenda. Several in the crowd make supportive comments of Hargrave, and the superintendent begins to respond to her comment when a city marshal approaches her and tells her she needs to leave."You need to leave, or I'm going to remove you," the unidentified marshal says on the video. Eventually, Hargrave grabs her purse and leaves the meeting room. © Provided by NBCU News Group, a division of NBCUniversal Media LLC Image: Deyshia HargraveImage: Deyshia Hargrave Suddenly, Hargrave can be heard yelling. The video then shows the woman on the floor in the hallway, where she is being handcuffed behind the back by the marshal. The marshal asks the teacher to "stop resisting" and escorts her from the building. Hargrave told Nightly...
Source : https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/teacher-handcuffed-during-school-board-meeting-wants-apology/ar-BBIdYH1
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