ROLSONE (РОЛСОН) — for proper hair removal!Laser hair removal equipment from Rolsone is one of the most effective for removing unwanted body and facial hair.

The result of the procedure depends on many factors, including the characteristics of the device itself.

One of the favorite types of equipment among beauticians and clients alike is the diode laser used for hair removal. In addition to the pleasant cost of the procedure, it gently and painlessly removes excess hair in the shortest possible time, leaving the skin on the body and face smooth for a long time.

The advantage of the ROLSONE diode laser is that it automatically adjusts to each patient individually, the only thing to do is to enter data into the settings: gender, skin prototype, and treatment area. This is why the client does not need to be bound to a specific masseur. This is because all these data will be saved in the client's database of the clinic or beauty salon.

Laser equipment from ROLSONE has 3 powers, each of which is adjusted for a particular type of hair.

600 nanometers— gently removes any hair, virtually painless as it does not penetrate very deeply into the skin.

1000 nanometers — used for hair removal, including gray hair. Suitable for hormone-dependent areas (such as the face) and sensitive skin.

The most powerful bomb in the laser field is the 4000 nanometers device. It removes unwanted hair painlessly from any skin, even from dark and tanned skin, after several procedures.

The laser hair removal equipment from ROLSONE has a wavelength of 808 nm.

It is suitable for dark hair, blond hair, and red hair of skin type II-V.

Rumour has it that the melanin absorption process of the 755 nanometers is better than that of other lasers and therefore more expensive, such as the Alexandrite Laser, but this is nothing more than a marketing ploy to improve sales. ROLSONE scientifically backs up this claim.

In addition to laser hair removal, there are several technologies to get rid of unwanted body and facial hair:

Depilation is the removal of hair without touching the follicle. It is performed with wax and sugar. Possible risks are stretching and burning of the skin in the intimate area.

ELOS is effective, safe but expensive and has several limitations. It is mainly recommended for light skin, as the treatment can damage the pigmentation of darker skin tones and may cause allergic reactions.

Photo epilation is one of the most effective, but lengthy procedures, suitable for brunettes, who have body hair much darker than the color of their skin. The main disadvantage of this procedure is that it can take more than one month, but the result is worth it. It can also leave scars.

4S hair removal is an innovative development, based on a new generation of diodes — VCSEL. The presentation of the new method will take place in autumn 2021.

Electroepilation — this method has been used for many years, and it is suitable for all hair types. The main difference between electroepilation is that it is a painful procedure and the duration of the procedure (on some parts of the body, for example, on legs, removal in this way takes about two hours).

Nowadays, there are many ways to remove unwanted hair all over the body. All of them are safe, as long as you follow the technique and recommendations of the specialist. However, you should keep in mind individual skin conditions and consult a doctor before booking a treatment to avoid injuries or allergic reactions.