What Does This Privacy Policy Cover?

The site collects data from users and visitors on the Internet to improve our service and online offerings. This allows Fujitsu to better meet the needs of customers. These operations are carried out completely anonymously, so that the identification of individual people is impossible.

You can access public websites on the Internet without entering any private information. But in some cases, we or another sites need to receive from you certain data in order to provide you with an appropriate and comprehensive service. In such cases, we ask you to register with us.

If you agree to provide us with the all needed information (for example, your name, address, email address), before you send this information we will inform you how they will be used. In addition, you can request from us to view the public list of technical procedures or view it on the Internet. During the registration process, we must obtain your consent to collect, store, process and transfer your personal data to third parties.

What Information Do We Collect?

Collection and processing of personal data is carried out with the consent of users, except in cases established by law. The consent of the User to the processing of personal data shall be deemed to be obtained by providing him with personal data freely, of his own will and in his interest and confirmed by clicking the button “With the Rules for the provision of services is acquainted and agreed” when registering on the site. Disagreement with the processing of personal data is expressed by refusing to use the site. The user has the right to cancel previously given consent to the processing of personal data by sending a message on the feedback form posted on the site. In the event that a message is received regarding the cancellation of consent to the processing of the User’s personal data, the Administration of the site shall take immediate steps to exclude the User’s personal data from the database and terminate their processing in any way except as provided by law.

Account Information:

The administration of the  site may use information about user for the purposes of: Identification of the User registered on the site. Providing the User with access to the personalized resources of the Site. Establishing feedback with the User, including sending notifications, requests  regarding the use of the Site, rendering services, processing requests and applications from the User. Create an account for making orders, if the User has agreed to create an account. User notifications about the news of the Site. Providing the User with effective client and technical support in case of problems related to the use of the Site. Providing the User with information about product updates, special offers, information on prices, newsletters and other information on  behalf of the site . Implementation of promotional activities aimed at attracting the attention of the user to the services of the site.

User Content:

The sites collects the information about users solely to help them with the use of the site. The idea is that other sites do not pursue other goals for collecting information. In order not to enter every password, password, mail when entering the site, all this information is obtained by the site and stored on its servers. In addition to mail and passwords, many sites also require other information about sites. Many users do not understand even a few many such information collect websites. In addition to personal data, the user can also leave a huge amount of secondary information on the site, about what he thinks at one time or another, his thoughts on this or that topic. To whom he writes and who usually communicates, all these cookies are stored on the site. Usually it is written in the site’s charter that such information is stored only for 6 months and then it is erased from the servers. But we really know that sites are likely to leave some information for storage. So that later the government could easily get access to all your correspondence and other information.

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