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This year was rich in catchy, vivid and viral videos. We collected for you the most popular videos from social networks, and the YouTube service published the list of the most viewed videos in the past 12 months. According to the video sharing data, the videos from the published ones looked more than 550 million times, and the channels where these videos were posted total more than 40 million subscribers. According to representatives of Google, which owns the YouTube service, the total time spent watching these videos was about 25 million hours. There are a variety of genres and themes. In the first place was the trailer of the third part of the film Pitch Perfect. The second position firmly holds the trailer for the film Familiar Stranger 2, a romantic drama about a young family, as well as the most popular destinations for tourists! So let’s find out the whole list of who gets to this wonderful collection and where. And we assure you, you will never be bored!

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