Following the pictures from the set, we finally look at our favorite characters in action. The trailer once again confirms that the Great War is coming, which will affect all Seven Kingdoms. The main blow can come precisely on the Lannisters, since they are surrounded on all sides by warring factions. But if you carefully watch the video and read between the lines, it becomes clear that the heroes are in for a much more dangerous threat than hostility for the iron throne. And the impending danger can unite the clans, despite all the quarrels.
This will happen, of course, not immediately. First, Khalisi, along with the dragons, will lead the Dothraqi army, while Cersei, her dead guard, the royal guard and the whole army are preparing to defend the Royal Harbor. Representatives of other houses and families who are still alive, too, do not sit idly by, and are preparing for the Great War. So the season is still one.

The premiere of the seventh season of the Game of Thrones is scheduled for July 16.

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