Acceptance of User Agreement.

Acceptance of the User Agreement is a prerequisite for the use of site. It governs the contract between site and the End User, as well as the relationship between End Users. Each End User of site undertakes to comply with all the terms of this User Agreement. If these conditions are not met, a warning or deletion of the registration record may follow. When deleting a registration record, re-registration using third-party data is illegal.
The site provides an interactive online service (hereinafter user), which is available through the following mobile applications, and an online store offering a variety of products from Sections of software, print and digital media. The site offers a scientifically valid and interactive training for the brain in the form of a mobile application and an Internet page. The goal of the program is to increase mental abilities and develop memory, mindfulness and speed of information processing. The service is provided to all interested parties (hereinafter referred to as the “End User”).


The password used to enter the account is not subject to disclosure and transfer to third parties. The site will never require the End User to provide your password, except for identification on the site. If there is a possibility of unauthorized access to the data by default. Prohibition of the opening of access and distribution of content in the event that it violates the requirements of the law, the rights of third parties or generally accepted moral standards. Also prohibits the distribution of advertising. The website prohibits publication of extremist and pornographic nature, as well as publications with elements of violence, racist, insulting, discriminatory, libelous and other unlawful nature.


Registration is a way to inform the site about yourself and in exchange to gain access to additional features (for example, adding something to your favorites) or resources (for example, files) on the site that are not available to guests.
Registration is inseparable without authorization. In fact, registration is a way to get the opportunity to enter the site.
Often registration is made mandatory for access to the site. Often this happens in social networks, where the possibilities of guests are limited by definition.
But is it so necessary to register on the site for most projects? The site owner needs registration to create a sustainable community with social connections between users. In exchange, the administration gets the opportunity to interact with its visitors directly, which is difficult to do with anonymous users.


Attract customers through the site can be through its content – text and graphic information. The more correctly it is presented, the more clients you attract.
The purpose of this note is to give the reader an understanding of the role played by the content of the website (it is also content – from English content – content, content) in terms of attracting customers. You can say in one word: the key. Below, I will discuss this in more detail.
Why fill the site with content? I have one answer to this question: to attract customers. But how to do that? My experience suggests that in working with content it is necessary to consider two components: quantitative and qualitative.
At the same time, the quantity and quality of the content of the website will not be of use to you if visitors do not visit the site. About how to use the texts to attract visitors to the site (some of which will become customers) – read the next note.

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