How to make EXPLODING LEGO MOD!!  We show you how to make a your Lego Explode in this epic vlog!! Carter Sharer and I (Stephen Sharer) recently saw the Batman Lego movie and decided we wanted to do something crazy with our Lego bricks. So we went down into the basement and brought out the big box of Legos to mod. First I designed and built an awesome Lego cube.  It was built so that when you drop the Legos onto the floor they will explode.  Once the Lego build was complete it was ready to try and make them explode with out epic mod. So I lifted the Lego bricks high into the air and on the count of three I let go. The Legos flew through the air and finally smashed into the ground. The Lego hit the ground with such incredible speed that the Lego bricks exploded all over the room.  This is what we call the exploding lego mod.  Don’t forget to comment #Lego if you thought this vlog was totally EPIC!! 

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“LEGO FIDGET SPINNER!!” (https://youtu.be/TStzo_UTwVU)
“HYDRO DIP LEGO FIDGET SPINNER!!” (https://youtu.be/KV4R6iNih7U) 

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Mailing Address: 
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2961 A Hunter Mill Rd
Oakton, VA 22124
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