The Top 10 Movie Moments of All Time

1 The Pianist: Szpilman Plays for German Soldier

Everything is known in comparison, and in the cinema this catch phrase gets a special meaning. Since the creation of the first films and to the last loud premiere, the most famous and authoritative publications, prestigious awards, ratings and world box office try to determine the best film. FashionTime presents an overview of the ten most high-profile world premieres, created by the titans of cinematic art, awarded prestigious kinonagrad and viewer’s love. We are also interested in how the voices of those who are on the other side of the screen were distributed. Whose story won the world and the audience? Users imdb (Internet Movie Database), one of the most visited on the Internet portals about the cinema, every year since 1990, constitute the rating of audience sympathy. And of course, we will count all the box office fees, the number of prestigious film awards, mentions, scandals and bright events related to the filming of films. So let’s learn that these films are deservedly received by these prestigious exclamations and ratings.


2 Saving Private Ryan: Storming Omaha Beach


3 The Shawshank Redemption: Red’s journey to meet Andy on the Pacific


4 Field of Dreams: Father and Son Play Catch


5 Reservoir Dogs: Like a Virgin at Breakfast

6 The Majestic: Peter Appleton’s Courtroom Speech


7 Full Metal Jacket: Meet Sgt. Hartman


8 There Will Be Blood: Daniel Plainview’s Baptism


9 American Beauty: Filming the White, Plastic Bag


10 Split dance scene

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The Top 10 Movie Moments of All Time

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