If you have long been in search of fun, that will train logical thinking, then Roblox blood mystery 2 is something that will please you. Here you have to use the intellectual abilities to complete, erecting unusual structures from the available color boxes.

Each block has connecting elements, with which it is attached to other bricks and is fastened. You need to think carefully, so that your actions will bring the maximum number of points.
The game Roblox murder mystery 2 is very informative. It will interest gamers from young to old. It will be unreal to break away from it, because you will find many interesting problems of varying complexity.
But before you start the tasks, be patient. Mindfulness also does not hurt, because make the right combination of cubes is not always a simple matter. However, do not be upset in advance – you have several attempts to overcome a difficult stage.

Funny boxes literally come to life from your orders, and unquestioningly walk on the cell that you tell them. The main thing is to choose the neighbors correctly. It is important to pay attention to how many ties each brick has. They are displayed in the form of circles that swirl around it. If you manage to collect a given figure from them, you will receive a reward.

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