Dirk 75 jaar – Almhof

In this section, you can find all the useful information the lottery that is currently going and will continue till July 22 in the Dirk supermarkets.
This encounter was the first such store in the Netherlands. In 1962, it cried uncle and said that it is not going to keep some “imaginatively right” prices. The stores started to go as low as they could, enabling the consumers to win from lower prices, coupled with quite good quality.
Naturally, there’s always some very expensive stores, where the groceries are of the highest quality. This is not about Dirk. At Dirk stores you can buy the best adequately priced (not cheap) foods and beverages, so that you have something to eat for yourself and your family.
Making sure that there’s food on the table can take an effort, there’s no question about that.
So, there’s a great many of the prizes, which you can in the lottery. To be precise, 4600 prices to be won!
In order to take part in the lottery, all you need to do is to buy a lottery ticket for 15 euros. This will enable you to be a potential winner of some great prizes that you will adore and which might be extremely for your household.
Low prices and cool-to-play lotteries make Dirk an amazingly great place to shop.

Supermarket Dirk is seventy-five (75) years old. In this supermarket you can find any product that you need at a fairly low price. Washing powder, chocolate, beer, cup a soup and hundreds of other goods. Low prices, quality goods, the highest class in service. Our customers are always happy with their purchases and for us this is the best reward. We are already seventy-five (75) years old and throughout these years, we are doing everything to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our work. On the occasion of the anniversary we give discounts! Everything you want, you can find in our hypermarket, you hear, EVERYTHING you need.

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Dirk 75 jaar – Almhof

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