Logan Paul-THE FALL OF JAKE PAUL (Diss track ) lyrics

This is an amazing video. I mean, it’s sort of stupid and nonsensical. But who cares, the dudes know how to sing rap and move. So, it’s cool to watch them, yo. At the same time, nobody expects them to go full Shakespeare on you. It’s just about the guys having fun.
Although, what makes me wonder is that there’s no girl here and they are sort of very styled. This makes me wonder…
So, the idea is that Jake (the younger brother) said that Logan sucks in his song. This song went viral and people started asking questions about the negativity and animosity in this family.
Logan decided to come back strong with the responding song saying that Jake is a worthless doll, who knows nothing about how he should sing and stuff.
So, now we are getting into the grey area of the two brothers being at odd.
Logan completely humiliates both Jake and his friends, showing them in his video as totally inadequate.
The Fall of Jake Paul – that’s the name of this song.
What do think about this fight within the same family? What’s your stance?
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I personally really like both dudes, but Jake is less liked by me because of the negativity. I try to avoid the negativity-focused persons because it’s hard to please them.

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Logan Paul-THE FALL OF JAKE PAUL (Diss track ) lyrics

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