Whats My Name – Lyrics – Descendants 2

At this page, you can watch and find out about the lyrics for the soundtrack “What’s my name?” for the Disney Channel movie, which is called Descendants 2.
This is a great movie that is created in the style of the Pirates of the Caribbean. It tells the powerful of the relationships between the teenagers, thus engaging the channel’s audiences. It will help the audience to better understand the world around them, learn to more successfully adjust to the circumstances that they face in their everyday lives. The characters try their best to cooperate, teaming up to tackle the problems that some of the hero’s face in their life journey. You are right to be looking for more information about the soundtrack to this great movies, because it’s very cool and engaging.
So, in this movie, Ben, who is currently being the king of Auradon, tries to give a helping hand to the other characters in their efforts to be more comfortable and more successfully adjust to their lives in Auradon.
And then, unexpectedly, Mal calls uncle and says that she’s not going to be a perfect girl anymore. She says that she is going to go back to the Isle of the Lost, where she feels as a personality, not some cog in the big kingship machines that has been taken into. The others characters come together in order to disguise Ben so that that can successfully get back to the island too and search for their friend there.
Mal is going to be pretty surprised as she is going to see that her ruler position has been taken up by other inhabitants of the island.

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Whats My Name – Lyrics – Descendants 2

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